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Apart from the usual function mode of a scheduler JOX offers further features in the process mechanism and control by its Java based flexible and platform-independent architecture. These are for example:

  • Support of an unlimited number of resources (host or databases). To execute the temporally and logically co-ordinated processes in JOX does not mean that they should be executed on the same server or database
  • Flexible employment by dynamic pre-definition of resources and processes and the possibility to exchange the individual components
  • Definition of temporal and logical dependencies between the processes as well as incompatibilities of the processes - which processes may not be executed in parallel
  • Complete documentation and archiving of the process specific data and simple access to all relevant information to the process cycle
  • Indication of additional data sources (files, database states etc.), which can be brought in connection with a process and logged automatically
  • Various possibilities of the Process (chains) repetition, administration of the multi instance processes etc.
  • Graphic and tabular statistics-based evaluations of the processes as permanently available analysis tool.
  • Central subsystem-spreading administration of the processes by the process-superordinate position in the IT environment. The individual interfaces between different subsystems or applications can be implemented by JOX