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Talkline uses JOX as central Tool for controlling of the billing and provisioning production.

The company

Talkline is a full-service provider of telecommunication, based in Elmshorn, northern Germany. The company started as a mobile service provider in 1991 cares today for 2.3 million private and business customers. It has ca. 1000 Employees and obtained 2003 a conversion of 898 millions euro.

The starting situation

Talkline developed with "JobMaintenance" a very well running Unix job scheduler exactly oriented to the needs of the at that time running billing system BSCS.

With the introduction of a new accounting and billing system (NABS) 2000, based on Amdocs - Ensemble - architecture, Talkline came from reasons of the non compatibility into the situation in that it was not possible to control the existing operational sequence in the billing area reliably and effectively.

Thomas Reimann, Production department leader Talkline GmbH & Co. KG:

Due to the automation of the complete batch processes the employment of JOX contributed substantially to the fact that we got the new billing system Amdocs Ensemble very fast under control, because we could exclude the manual errors after unique occurrence. The number of errors decreased continuously.

By automation we reached a 7*24 hours production, without to use additional personnel capacities.

We plan, implement and monitor by JOX every billing cycle like a project.

By the displaying of the critical path we recognize early the weak points in the process chain or the processes we have to optimize to reach a faster turn-around time.

The challenge

The founder of JOX IT Alex Odesser was assigned for the development of a new job control system. This should fulfil different requirements, in order to guarantee a secured, structured and comfortable operational sequence. To the new automation Tool among other things were placed following requirements:

  • Multi server ability
  • Administration of several environments (markets)
  • Multi instance jobs
  • Free configurable output
  • Flexible user administration

The solution

Talkline introduced with JOX a centralized Process automation tool providing apart from a comprehensive documentation the automated logical and temporally co-ordinated execution of all individual processes and applications. To the characteristics of JOX belong:

Multi-server ability

JOX makes possible to run production processes on several servers in parallel considering the dependencies of all jobs on different server. All necessary properties and dependencies, which were administered before in NABS operational and JobMaintenance, were transferred to the JOX Repository.

Administration of several environments (markets)

To the time of the introduction Talkline processed the billing for two different Telco markets. These two environments differentiated from each other not only from the performance - point of view (different databases from different size), but also in the operating frequency and in the functionality; besides these were administrated by different instances.

JOX could easily integrate and work in parallel on both environments.

In the course of the project existed the necessity apart from the production environment to develop a test environment, in order to test new versions of the NABS modules. This was separated from production by a Firewall and could be operated therefore independently. The exchange of the job definitions between production and test environment takes place since then over the JOX XML interface fast and easy.

Multi instance jobs

The structure of the NABS - modules permits a configuration with that a module is executed in multiple processes each responsibly for in-certain data segment parallel.

In JOX this structure was so implemented by "multi instance jobs", that both every individual instance of such module could be controlled as an individual JOX - job and all instances of such job can be for example repeated by few mouseklicks.

If therefore the processing of a segment fails, not the processing of all segments, but artlessly only the appropriate process must be repeated after the removal of the error cause.

Free configurable output

The NABS - modules were implemented initially for the background execution; therefore we had no possibility to display the success-relevant output of executed module directly. The output was always in a log file in specially pre-defined directories. However it is sometimes indispensable for the user to display these output files and be able to analyse it fast and easy. To give consideration to this task the log- and report-files for all modules were defined in JOX as associated files, so that they could be indicated directly by JOX client application. Some of these files were too large to display it whole on the client site (for development reason up to 4 GB) so we implemented additionally server based filter functionalities.

Role-based user administration

To meet the requirements of the complex developed system JOX was extended by a role-based user administration. This multi-level user concept offers practical systematic at permissions for certain actions, which can or may be processed on the system. Access permissions are divided in up to four categories:
Administrator comprehensive permissions in the respective defined environment
Master design of the process and interference into production
Operator parameterisation and implementing of pre-defined processes, no change at the process definition
Reviewer monitoring activity, no actions

Successful employment

JOX is successfully used by Talkline for the NABS-operations in the following core ranges:

  • Billing (preparation, production, QA, undo)
  • Rating
  • End of day/week/month/year processing
  • Bank- & collection interfaces
Additionally automates JOX meanwhile also
  • Offline billing - TID-acceptance, rating, transfer controlling
  • Commission - import, reset, test- & accounting

On the basis of already in JOX implemented processes Talkline developed using JOX the new spreading the whole accounting and billing process for monitoring and controlling of the billing system. The Talkline staff is able at each time to display the actual state of billing and each individual process over a web interface.


In the summer 2004 the NABS - system was migrated to the new hardware architecture. If in former times the system had 2 cluster nodes, there are now 4 logical hosts. The billing transformation took place by JOX smooth:

  • The process chains in the old environment was stopped
  • The environment including all data bases and file systems were transferred to the new hardware
  • Necessary adjustments took place in the JOX configuration
  • Production was again taken up in the new environment